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 Welcome to the presentation of weather data, forecasts and current conditions from the National Weather Service. This section is designed for residents and visitors of the Chicago Metropolitan Area. The Weather Data Center and its links to the National Weather Service are especially helpful to athletes and others who like to exercise outdoors. Stay tuned for tips and other helpful information. Use this area to:
  • prepare for weather (cold, heat, wind) that might affect your game or other competition or workouts.
  • prepare for unsafe ground conditions (ice, water).
  • understand how weather affects your health and well being (humidity, air pressure, ultraviolet light).
  • plan ahead for workouts according to daylight availability.
  • help you prepare for adverse weather conditions (lightning, severe thunderstorms, tornados and snowstorms).

At the top of the page, click on any month that you desire. Each month's page accesses the following information:

  • Sunrise/Sunset Data for the first and fifteenth of each month (includes daylight duration for each of these 2 days).
  • Links to the US Naval Observatory that calculate daily sunrise/sunset information (including azimuth). Moon rise and set data is also available.
  • The average or normally expected high and low temperatures for each day of the month.
  • The recorded extreme high and low temperatures for each day of the month, including the year of occurrence.
  • Links to the National Weather Service for Current Weather Conditions, Local Forecast, Short Term Forecast, Climatic Data, US Warnings & Special Announcements Map, Ultraviolet (UV) Map.
  • Links to "Tonight's Sky" our guide to the stars (in case you're exercising outside).

You can always return to this page by clicking the "HELP?" link at the top of the page.


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