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If you saw our listing in the Yellow Pages,
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Is this a health club?
We don't own a health club facility. However, we do consult health clubs, hospital wellness centers and CONSUMERS on fitness, athletic performance, wellness and information technology. We provide expert consultation on the setup of residential home gyms in exercise rooms dedicated to fitness. The home gym design includes an onsite computer with Internet access, local recordkeeping and educational and reference access. For help on local architects, builders and real estate, check our links on the
Real Estate card of Arlingtoncards.com -- a local community directory courtesy of Apriori, Inc.

If you are looking for a fitness center, you can click here for a complete list of Fitness Centers. Also, if you would like to learn about programs that are available in the fitness industry from official web sites, click here. Arlingtoncards.com also has a local quick reference card on FITNESS.

Do you offer Personal Training?
Yes. Mark Bostrom is currently on the personal training staff at
Forest Grove Athletic Club in Palatine, Illinois. You can reach voice mail at the club by calling 847-991-4646. Your best bet is to call the Aprioriathletics.com home office phone at 847-253-2856. If you are not a member, please call anyway to see if further assistance is available. For a detailed look at Personal Training on Aprioriathletics.com, see Personal Training for general information and the Trainer's Guide for reference.

Do you have public speakers?
Yes. Several topics are available:

(1) Saving your joints with proper training.
(2) All the reasons we eat food.
(3) Weight loss.
(4) Building muscle.
(5) Eliminating common mistakes at the gym and maximizing workout efficiency.
(6) Saving money (we show a funny view of fitness rip-offs).

If you are interested, please call for a quote.

Do you have group exercise classes?
Forest Grove Athletic Club has a large group exercise program. You can also
click here for a list of Fitness Centers that you might want to call and find out if classes are available. Also, if you would like to learn about programs that are available in the fitness industry from official web sites, click here.

Do you have jobs or internships available?
When jobs, subcontract work or internships are available, a link will be posted on this page in the top left margin. Meanwhile, you might want to to check with any of the
Associations in our Fitness Resources section or check our list of Fitness Centers and call each fitness center for job information. For general job information, check the JOBS card on Arlingtoncards.com

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