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A priori, that is, form these necessities of the mind or forms of thinking, which, though first revealed to us by experience, must yet have pre["e]xisted in order to make experience possible.


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Information Framework

Cooking. Remembering where you put your keys. Creating for your profession. Recalling how to position your body during an exercise. Understanding how to follow instructions.

All of these tasks call upon the Information Framework (inner wisdom) that you have built in your mind. Efficiency of action depends on your ability to place concepts and recall or access information or skills that you need, timely and effectively. Here are the six main "frames" of the mind's Information Framework: When you are storing something to your memory, keep in mind what frame you are using for memory storage and what frame is best for recall.

  1. Category. Useful for storing and classifying information (e.g., plant, animal)

  2. Time. Helps you remember connections to particular events.

  3. Location. Helps you visualize where things happen.

  4. Alphabet. Useful for storage and common communication with others.

  5. Continuum. Usually a sequence. Think of playing music, cooking, project management efficiency.

  6. Magnitude/Rank. Useful as a spark for recall and visualizing (exciting, stands out). Thinking of a quantity helps visualize and reinforce a memory image.

Having trouble remembering? Try consideration of your object of frustration by storing information about the object in more than one of the six Information Frames.

Human adaptability, skill development and understanding (i.e., higher-level incorporation of the Information Framework) involves a three-part process ...


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