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Saturday ...
Saturn Day

Saturdays offer plenty to motivate the athletic spirit in all of you inclined to enjoy sports: College Football, Golf Tours, and NBA games.

If you didn't stay out too late on Friday Night, you're probably at your peak of energy on Saturday morning. How about motivating to participate instead of spectate. Are you up for a run? Tennis? A bike trip? A trip to the batting cages? How about eighteen holes of golf? If you are trying to lose weight, Saturday is a great day to get an extra long walk. If you exercise continuously for more than 60 minutes, you are more likely to burn fat stores. After 60 minutes, your carbohydrate storage can run almost empty and your body has to depend more on fat for energy. And some of that fat might be just the fat you are trying to eliminate.

If you don't workout all week, don't make up for it all on Saturday. If you overdo it, you will end up on the Weekend Warrier Disabled List. You should be doing some type of cardiovascular training most days of the week, not just Saturday and Sunday.

Don't forget, gardening and landscaping can count as exercise if your garden equipment is not too automated.