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To provide and organize information for businesses and families motivated to integrate fitness and health promotion as lifetime goals.

To develop cost-effective and efficient services with advanced communication and information technologies that promote guidance for human performance, human/machine performance, exercise programming, personal productivity, activities of daily living and job related activities.

To provide human factors consulting and management expertise related to developing and providing: (1) user-friendliness of fitness and wellness services for consumers, (2) concepts for marketing and public relations departments, (3) community health and safety awareness, (4) one-to-one personal fitness training for wellness and human performance, and (5) the integration of medical rehabilitation of sports injuries with fitness and re-conditioning programs.

Professional Experience
1987 to Present ... Apriori, Inc. Arlington Heights, Illinois.
President of corporation, Fitness Consultant/Trainer, Publisher, and Database Developer for Chicago area. Website developer, Arlingtoncards,com, and more.

1996-2005 ... Forest Grove Athletic Club. Palatine, Illinois.
Personal Training Director, Certified Personal Trainer.

1994-1998 ... CompUSA. Schaumburg, Illinois.
Software Instructor/Training Consultant (Microsoft Office, FileMaker Pro, Win95/98, Mac OS, Internet, Netscape Communicator, MS Internet Explorer, and Specialized Notebook Computer Class for
Prudential Securities).

1984-1988 ... Northwest Orthopedic Surgery, S.C. Arlington Heights, Illinois.
Fitness Consultant for sports medicine department and Executive Director of Northwest Back School.

1978-1985 ... Arlington Heights Fire Department, Arlington Heights, Illinois.
Paramedic and Emergency Dispatcher.

1984 ... Harper College Northwest Cardiac Rehabilitation Center, Palatine, Illinois.
Exercise Physiologist (led Phase Three Cardiac Rehabilitation Sessions, assisted sports facility management, assisted firefighter sub-maximal and maximal physical stress test entrance exams, and consulted fitness clients).

1982-1984 ... University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, Illinois.
Graduate Teaching Assistantship awarded during graduate school.

1978-1984 ... Northwest Community Hospital, Arlington Heights, Illinois.
Emergency Medical Technician in the Emergency Room.


  • Developed websites:,,,, and more.

  • Developed local marketing analysis including a demographic map with information regarding market segments for sub-specialties at Northwest Orthopedic Surgery, S.C.

  • Developed an exercise database that helps personal trainers find and print customized exercise instructions, which include quality illustrations, biomechanical tips & more.

  • Developed and directed Northwest Back School -- a low back training program modeled after the objectives of Arthur White, M.D., who provided low back treatment for former San Francisco 49er Quarterback Joe Montana.

  • Developed high-quality communication materials for Northwest Back School.

  • Initiated a desktop publishing system at Northwest Orthopedic Surgery, S.C., for physical therapy prescription forms, patient information, newsletters and treatment instructions, etc.

  • Created databases: contact & mail lists, equipment maintenance, muscle anatomy, etc.

  • Developed a fitness calculator for Macintosh OS and MS Windows computers, which is used to rapidly calculate body fat percentage from skinfold measures or underwater weighing, target heart rate range, conversions (METs, ft/second to meters/second, miles per hour to mile pace, and mile pace to miles per hour, etc.) and more.

  • Founded Apriori, Inc., an information design business promoting communications, Internet presence, and publishing needs related to fitness, medicine, and health promotion.

  • Conducted seminars for large and small audiences on health issues for high schools, junior high schools, YMCA's, fire departments, etc. (Topics: Sports Medicine, Students Against Driving Drunk, Steroid Awareness, Triathlon Training, Heat Stress).

  • Directed Personal Trainer education, managed a staff of 25 Personal Trainers, developed a payroll system, resolved customer service issues, and controlled a budget with over $250,000 in revenue.

  • As a team member, managed the maintenance and operations of a fitness center floor comprising over 90,000 square feet.

  • Provided network support and training services for a local area network of 300 Macintosh OS and Windows OS computers at Citibank-National Marketing Division and Citibank Center in Chicago.

Certificates and Memberships


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, May, 1984.
Master of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology from the
Department of Kinesiology. Major concentration in health and safety aspects of exercise and work physiology and minor in ergonomics, safety engineering, and nutrition.

Wheaton College, August, 1981.
Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education. Major emphasis in wellness, health promotion, exercise science, physiology and biology.

Northwest Community Hospital, April, 1981.
Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic Certificate.

Research Experience

  • EKG monitoring of heart rate and heart rhythm during maximum effort isometric contractions through the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Carle Clinic.

  • Heat stress and exertion (literature review and practical survey at the University of Illinois Fire Service Training Tower).

  • Ergonomics, physical fitness, and health and safety issues of firefighters and paramedics (literature review and practical survey).


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