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Different forms of art are a window to creativity. Check it out and start inventing!

Inventions -- Future Devices or Procedures we might see or might seem impossible:

Dean Kamen's Invention Code-Named "Ginger" (see Yahoo! Full Coverage or See also FIRST.

Heart Rate Monitor that does not require the user to wear. A device is invented that can pick up an EKG signal within three feet of the user.

An exercise machine that senses what muscles are being used during sets on that machine. It's like a wireless EMG, but it shows the percentage use of each muscle the way different frequencies are represented on a stereo graphic equalizer.

A calorie counter for each progressive resistance exercise machine. Your body weight is entered and the machine manufacturer supplies the metabolic cost of using the machine for a specific number of sets and reps.

Automatic External Defibrillators (AED's) will become standard in health clubs and fitness centers. They are simple to use. See also According to PhysioControl, Sudden Cardiac Arrest kills about 350,000 Americans per year. See our AED section in Research Notes.

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