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Simple Math

Really big sports events, like the The Olympics and the Super Bowl use Roman Numerals to specify the main event. See more information on Roman Numerals on Wikipedia.

Learn to use Google's calculator, such as in the examples below that work in the familiar search engine.


Here's the list of pages for Simple Math on

Area of a Circle
Area of a Rectangle

Circumference of a Circle

Roman Numerals in the Olympics and Super Bowl

Surface Area of a Sphere

Volume of a Sphere

Basic Arithmetic

More info from Google Shortcuts: Calculator from
See also Google: How to Use the Google Calculator

Compute expressions containing standard mathematical symbols. The following table lists operators that come between the two numbers on which they operate:

Operator Function Example
+ Addition 15.99 + 32.50 + 13.25 ]
Subtraction 79 – 18 – 19 ]
+ - Addition & Subtraction [ 2 + 5 - 7 ]
* Multiplication 2 * 3 * 7 ]
/ Division 378 / 9 ]
^ or ** Exponentiation (raise to a power of) 4^10 ] or [ 4**10 ]
% of Percent 15% of 93.45 ]
mod or % modulo (the remainder after division) 15 mod 9 ] or [ 15 % 9 ]
the nth root of calculates the nth root 4th root of 16 ]; [ cube root of 109 ]; [ square root of 42 ] or [ sqrt(42) ]

Note: To do multiplication, you must include the * symbol; [ 3 * 4 ] will be calculated, 3 4 won’t.

2. Advanced Math

Compute results involving mathematical constants, such as e, pi, i (the square root of –1), and mathematical functions. The following table lists just some of the functions built into Google’s calculator.

Operator Function Example
sin, cos, tan, sec, csc, cot, etc. Trigonometric functions (arguments are assumed to be in radians) cos(pi/6) ]; [ cosine(pi/6) ]
arcsin, arccos, arctan, arccsc, etc. Inverse trigonometric functions arccos(.5) ]
sinh, cosh, tanh, csch, arsinh, arccsch, etc. Hyperbolic functions cosh(6) ]
ln Logarithm base e ln(16) ]
log Logarithm base 10 log(16) ]
lg Logarithm base 2 lg(16) ]
exp Exponential function exp(16) ]
! Factorial 5! ]
choose x choose y calculates the number of ways of choosing a set of y elements from a set of x distinct elements 5 choose 3 ]

The following table lists just a few of the commonly used mathematical constants known to the calculator function.

Name and description Example
base of the natural system of logarithms e ]
pi, the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle pi/6 ]
imaginary number, i, which represents one of the two square roots of -1 i^2 ]
Euler’s constant, gamma e^gamma ]

3. Units of Measure and Conversions

Compute expressions involving different units. By default, units are converted to and results expressed in meter-kilogram-second (mks) units. Many units have both long and short names. Use whichever name you prefer.

Type of Units Examples
Currency Australian Dollars (AUD), British pounds (GBP), Euros, US Dollars (USD)
Mass kilogram or kg, grams or g, grains, pounds or lbs, carats, stones, tons, tonnes
Length meters or m, miles, feet, Angstroms, cubits, furlongs
Volume gallons, liters or l, bushels, teaspoons, pints
Area square kilometers, acres, hectares
Time days, seconds or s, centuries, sidereal years, fortnights
Electricity volts, amps, ohms, henrys
Energy Calories, British thermal units (BTU), joules, ergs, foot-pounds
Power watt, kilowatts, horsepower or hp
Information bits, bytes, kbytes, etc.
Quantity dozen, baker’s dozen, percent, gross, great gross, score, googol
Numbering systems decimal, hexadecimal or hex, octal, binary, roman numerals, etc. Prefix hexadecimal numbers with 0x, octal numbers with 0o and binary numbers with 0b. For example: 0×7f + 0b10010101.

Here are calculations that involve units.

Convert from one set of units to another by using the notation, x units in y units.

Warning: When your query includes “Calories” with a capital “C,” Google returns kilocalories called “calories” by nutritionists.

Convert from one numbering system to another.

In many cases, you can also get the conversion factor between units:



*Some calculations may not be appropriate for certain individuals. This site is intended for use as an educational tool, not a clinical tool. Always check with your physician before starting an exercise program. © Copyright 2006-2008 Apriori, Inc.





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