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Resistance is a fun site for learning about math that you can use for fitness, workouts and health promotion.

Learn to use Google's calculator, such as in the example below that works in the familiar search engine.



How much weight on an Olympic Bar?

In the expression below you can replace the '45s' that are multiplied by 2 with other numbers or add more plates:

An Olympic bar weighs 45 pounds. This example represents four 45-lb plates on each side.


How many kilograms is 405 pounds?

In the expression below replace the '405' with other weights, too:


How many pounds is 100 kilograms?

In the expression below replace the '100' with other weights, too:


What is my predicted 1-Repetition Max (1 RM MAX)?

In the expression below replace the '225' with the weight that you can lift and the '10' with the number of repetitions you can do:

This is a linear regression equation known as the Brzycki Equation for predicting your maximum lift (1-RM), based on the number of repetitions you can do at a lighter weight. The prediction is less reliable when the repetition count is greater than 10 reps.

For more information on the Brzycki Equation see this resource:
Mayhew JL, Prinster JL, Ware JS, Zimmer DL, Arabas JR, Bemben MG. Muscular endurance repetitions to predict bench press strength in men of different training levels. J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 1995 Jun;35(2):108-13.


*Some calculations may not be appropriate for certain individuals. This site is intended for use as an educational tool, not a clinical tool. Always check with your physician before starting an exercise program. © Copyright 2006 Apriori, Inc.




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