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Energy is a fun site for learning about math that you can use for fitness, workouts and health promotion.

1 Joule(s) = 0.000239 kilocalorie. A food calorie is the same as a kilocalorie, but a food calorie is not the same as a calorie (in science, where 1000 calories = 1 kilocalorie).

1 Joule = 1 watt second

1 foot pound of force = .32 kilocalories



How many joules for 'x' kilocalories burned?

In the expression below replace the '200' with the kilocalories that you are burning:


How many kilocalories burned with given foot pounds work done?

In the expression below, replace 200 with values for you:

(200 foot pounds) * .000324 (kilocalories / foot pound) = .0648 kilocalories

What is my Basal Metabolic Rate (female)?

In the expression below, replace 70 in tall, 136 lbs and age 29 with your values:

447.953 + (3.098*2.54 cm/in * 70 in) + (9.247*0.453592 kg/lb *136 lbs)-(4.330 * 29 years)



What is my Basal Metabolic Rate (male)?

In the expression below, replace 73 in tall, 204 lbs and age 29 with your values:

88.362 + (4.799*2.54 cm/in * 73 in) + (13.397*0.453592 kg/lb *204 lbs)-(5.677 * 29 years)




*Some calculations may not be appropriate for certain individuals. This site is intended for use as an educational tool, not a clinical tool. Always check with your physician before starting an exercise program. © Copyright 2006 Apriori, Inc.




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