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Distance is a fun site for learning about math that you can use for fitness, workouts and health promotion.

Learn to use Google's calculator, such as in the example below that works in the familiar search engine.



How many miles is a 5k race?

In the expression below replace the '5' with other distances, too:


How many miles is a 10k race?

In the expression below replace the '10' with other distances, too:



How many kilometers is a marathon (26.2188 miles)?

26.2188 miles is 26 miles, 385 yards:

How long does it take to travel a distance on a bike
given the speed of the cyclist?

 Enter speed of cyclist (mph):

 Enter trip distance (miles):
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Click 'Calculate'
to see the time of your trip:

  Your result:




*Some calculations may not be appropriate for certain individuals. This site is intended for use as an educational tool, not a clinical tool. Always check with your physician before starting an exercise program. © Copyright 2006 Apriori, Inc.




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