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Exercise-Reports.com is an Internet exercise journal for individuals, teams and groups. Exercise-Reports.com uses weblog technology to help individuals, coaches and trainers report, track and review exercise information. A paid subscription provides access to a private reports section and gives individuals, coaches and trainers the ability to post workout records, contest records, personal best performance records, or sports injury and rehabilitation notes. The private section can also function as a sports diary to help understand goals, objectives, strengths, weaknesses, threats, strategies. Exercise-Reports.com includes free and private articles with resources and links to published scientific research, associations. Important milestones can be noted and reviewed for encouragement and old mistakes can be reviewed to avoid a repeat of human performance errors.

Exercise-Reports.com is the web address for the introductory pages -- serving as an online brochure.

Exercisereports.com (without hyphen) takes users directly to the reports log-in area for each individual and the public topics in exercise.

Exercise-Reports.com is a trademark of Apriori, Inc., a privately-held corporation in the State of Illinois.

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