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Features: Moblog

Moblogging is the perfect way to record your results or performance in a workout while it is fresh in your mind. It works best if you have a Sidekick or a Blackberry, but it also works from your laptop or desktop at home or at a hotel (with Internet connection). It is great for noting a new exercise, noting the attainment of a milestone performance, or recording a goal ... just as soon as it pops into your head.

Sidekick with workout message
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What Is It?
As an option, you can e-mail (Moblog) your notes entry from a specified e-mail address or even some cell phones (cell phone e-mail address required) . The e-mail goes to a secret e-mail address on Exercise-Reports.com. If the sender is an acceptable e-mail address, your article is instantly published to your exercise weblog.

* Extra charges apply from wireless carrier.

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