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The weblog is the engine that makes Exercise-Reports.com work. If you have ever kept a record of your workout performance, you know the value that records provide regarding understanding and motivation for a workout program. Exercise-Reports.com provides a quick way to create a record of your workout, to edit your workout, or review a prior workout. Information can be submitted directly to the weblog, and attachments (e.g., pdf, xls, doc, jpg, etc.) can be added to each entry in the weblog. Some plans include the capability to e-mail your submission, even from a wireless portable device.
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See the exciting way to record your results instantly.
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One of the best features of Exercise-Reports.com is the ability to go back and check information from prior weeks, month or years. You will be able to access your exercise records anywhere in the world where you have Internet access. You also have the ability to search all of your records.

Your diary can log technique ideas, suggestions from coaches and trainers, fatigue, moods, soreness, sports injuries and observations of exercises by other athletes, etc. You can create notes on a specific techniques or exercises and describe how you think a certain exercise technique, diet pattern or supplement might be helping or hindering your progress. You are encouraged to follow a template that checks your status by STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES, and THREATS (SWOT analysis).
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File Format
Exercise-Reports.com can receive submissions and report your information in several file formats. Most athletes use simple text, but photos or scanned workout cards can be uploaded in some plans.
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Exercise-Reports.com plans are available for individuals, sports teams, health club members, walking clubs, running clubs, tennis club teams and golf club teams. The plans vary according to sophistication and demand. Custom Exercise Reports, complete with team logos, are available for professional teams, collegiate team, high school teams, and community traveler teams, etc.
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