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a pri•or•i 1. reasoning from cause to effect   2. knowledge existing in the mind independent of experience.

dig•i•tal life•style
1. technological products and services that are seamlessly and fully integrated into activities of daily living, job-related activities and sports activities. Primarily the products and services manage information, but may also facilitate human interaction (human interface) with the environment by optimizing the function of humans with their environment. 2. A life action plan that promotes simplicity with design and technology.


The Human Factor
Digital-lifestyle.com is about understanding and optimizing the human interface with technology to improve human performance and reduce human errors. The science of applying other sciences (physiology, psychology, engineering) to design and optimize performance issues of the human interface with technological devices is known as Ergonomics or Human Factors.

Human-Machine Interface is optimized by the following factors:

(1) Improvements in design and engineering of new products and environments.

(2) Selection of the best components and systems that follow the best quality design principles.

(3) Development of human knowledge and physical conditioning with regular training.

A technological device (which can be software and/or hardware) should give you control, not take control away from you.

Here are some signs that a technological device is poorly designed and taking control of your life at your expense:

(1) Tasks take much longer than they are estimated to take.

(2) The information you read from the device is much more than you requested, which increases the risk of human error.

(3) The information response from the device or the device function is not relevant to what you requested.

(4) The device does not do one thing well. A device often has one priority feature that it should do well. Many devices cram too many extra features that distract the user and bog down the device. 'Creeping Featuritis' results when too many features decrease the performance and the reliability of the device.

(5) The information from the device allows intrusions from unwanted or irrelevant advertisers (spam).

(6) The device is not secure, which causes device failure or permits gathering of your private information to a remote hostile device or human.

(7) The device can cause injury from overuse or unsafe postures or force impacts.





Digital-lifestyle.com was founded as part of Apriori, Inc. (AA-ER.com) by Mark Bostrom with the fundamental premise that devices should work for people, not the other way around. Principles were set in motion to help customers with technological devices that are as trouble-free as possible. Mark Bostrom set out to identify the best of the best in ergonomic design for software, automobiles, exercise equipment, building facilities, retail environments, business campuses, and villages and cities.

After receiving formal training in safety engineering, human factors (ergonomics) and exercise physiology; Mark Bostrom set out to apply the best features of human factors in all levels of life and human interface with computers and their operating systems, software.

One of Mark Bostrom's first projects as a consultant was assisting Citibank's National Marketing Division with installation of a Macintosh and PC network, with in-house e-mail and with the development of online banking software. Citibank was changing the banking industry by doing what they called the "retailization of the banking industry."

Being a part of that transformation of the banking industry motivated Mark Bostrom to apply Internet technology and ergonomics to share information and produce tools in every day lifestyle activities — and especially the fitness industry — hopefully giving customers more time for family, fitness, recreation, and relaxation.

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a pri•or•i 1. reasoning from cause to effect   2. knowledge existing in the mind independent of experience.

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1st Place in Human Factors and Design
One of the most sucessful companies to place human factors and design as a priority is Apple, Inc. The company even published their interface guidelines in a book for software developers and consumers in the 1980's.

In 2007, Fortune Magazine placed Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the top of the list of the 25 most powerful people in business.

Fortune Magazine credited Steve Jobs with the following remarkable achievements:

Kicked off the PC era with the Apple II in 1977.

Launched the graphical user interface with the Macintosh in 1984.

Conceived 'desktop publishing' and gave the world the laser printer.

Developed Pixar with a brand new business model for creating computer-animated feature films.

Changed the music industry with the iPod.

And convinced the music industry, TV networks and Hollywood on ways to sell their content digitally with the iTunes music store.

Introduced a successful retail experience with a high-margin, high-touch store.


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