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Commercial Strength


25 pound dumbbell
Cybex sells direct and manufactures several lines of strength and cardio equipment. Strength machines have characteristic smooth feel and good adjustments for joint-machine axle alignment.
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Cybex Leg Extension SPRI Xertube
Leg Extension (left) and Leg Curl (right).
Cybex makes these VR2 models with range limiting devices, which are especially important on the leg extension model.
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bosu girl
FREEMOTION FITNESS sells direct and is great for working out in all planes of motion. Characteristic smooth feel and adjustable arms.
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physioball Free Motion Lift
Cable Cross (left) and Lift (right) are among favorites at many health clubs.
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Valeo Ankle Weights
HAMMER STRENGTH is sold directly to customers as part of the LifeFitness name and is great for working out heavy. Hammer Strength plate loaded machines are a favorite for training partners.
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Hammer Iso-Lateral Bench Press Hammer Iso-Lateral High Row
Iso-Lateral Bench Press (left) and Iso-Lateral High Row (right) are among favorites at many professional football club gyms as well as health club gyms.

LifeFitness Logo
LifeFitness sells direct and is well-known for cardio equipment, especially stationary bikes and treadmills. LifeFitness has several lines of commercial strength equipment, including Hammer (above).

LifeFitness Biceps LifeFitness Seated Leg Curl
Pro 2 Series Biceps Machine (left) and Signature Series Seated Leg Curl (right). LifeFitness makes one of the best Seated Leg Curl machines.
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Magnum Fitness Systems
Magnum Fitness Systems sells direct to health clubs, schools, YMCS's, hospitals, wellness centers, pro training facilities and corporate fitness centers. Magnum sells several lines of resistance equipment, free weight equipment, bikes, treadmills, steppers and ellipticals.

Magnum Leg Extension E-Series Magnum Leg Curl Prone E-Series
Magnum E-Series 2002 - Leg Extension (left) and 2001 - Leg Curl Prone (right).

Nautilus® is more than commercial strength equipment. It includes a whole series of well-known brand names, such as Bowflex®, StairMaster®, Schwinn® and Trimline®.

Nautilus Nitro Plus Lateral Raise Nautilus Nitro Plus Hip Adduction/Hip Abduction
Nautilus Nitro® Plus Lateral Raise and Nautilus Nitro® Plus Hip Abduction/Hip Adduction

Precor Logo

PRECOR sells direct and is well-known for strength equipment and cardio equipment, especially the elliptical EFX line. Precor acquired the popular and proven Icarian equipment, which is now named the Icarian line.

Icarian Angled Leg Press Icarian Hack Slide
Angled Leg Press (left) and Hackslide (right) are among the popular strength builders for the legs.

Strive Fitness Logo
STRIVE sells direct and is well-known for features that allow users to adjust the resistance at different regions of the range of motion of an exercise. Near maximal resistance can be placed near the beginning, middle or end of the range of motion.


*Some products may not be appropriate for certain individuals. Always check with your physician before starting an exercise program. Not all products have been reviewed by the personal training staff at CoolFitnessGifts.com. Products that have proven themselves in the gym or in the field are indicated in the product detail. Trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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This page is provided for those individuals who are interested in commerical equipment for home use. Please use this section as a starting point for equipment comparison and follow the web links to contact equipment companies.

If you are interested in assistance with designing a home gym, please contact us at 847-253-2856 or contact equipment manufacturers directly.

CoolFitnessGifts.com is not affiliated with Cybex, Free Motion, Hammer Strength, LifeFitness, Precor, or Strive.

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Precor S3.23

The Precor S3.23 is an excellent machine for strength training and functional training. The resistance paths are available in multiple planes and the machine feels very smooth. It compares to similar commercial functional machines from Free Motion. Dual independent smooth acting weight stacks. Check with Precor for dealers.


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