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is now on Amazon.

Just a welcome note to tell you about three websites I have published. is the corporate information website for Apriori, Inc. A large part of the website is designed to help users locate health and fitness information on the Internet.

I use to access information on health and fitness, technical news, human performance. I believe this site can help people gather information to make good decisions about health, fitness and personal technology.

Sharing helpful information with clients is an important part of my career. I believe people trust that I give objective answers to questions -- carefully and thoroughly. No matter what information you need, it helps to know the source of the information. is also affiliated with to facilitate the purchase of books, music, and movies. Where possible, information on a topic is connected by a related book link from like the cover art shown on this page. is a community website that is a full directory or portal for people who live, work and play in Arlington Heights, Illinois. is set to open in mid-2005. It is available in beta format at time. Athletes and workout partners will be able to log their workouts on

Thanks for visiting,

Mark D. Bostrom


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