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Weather and Astronomy Books  
The stargazer's toe is often stubbed.

Field Guide to North American Weather

National Audobon Society Field Guide to North American Weather is an excellent portable, yet comprehensive guide to weather. Excellent color photographs allow you to identify cloud types and explain what they mean, weatherwise.

USATODAY Weather Book

USA TODAY The Weather Book is a colorful explanation of the weather. Learn how the weather is created, how winds form, how heat and cold affect the body, and why summer isn't hottest on the longest day of daylight. Excellent graphic design with helpful explanations.


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Satellite Image Interpretation

An Introduction to Satellite Interpretation is a great lesson in understanding the intricacies of cloud formations in weather systems. You will no longer just recognize whether it is cloudy or not. You will learn to recognize squall lines, thunderstorms, air quality and even ice cover on lakes and oceans. Also, learn how to recognize different stages of low-pressure areas with associated warm, cold, and occluded fronts.

Summer Stargazing

Summer Stargazing is a succinct, but valuable explanation of astronomy. The book puts a fascinating and complicated field in simple perspective. Running outdoors at night can bring many questions about the night sky. See page 12 to find out why the dark side of the crescent moon isn't always so dark. See page 49 to find out which Winter constellation has more bright stars than any other constellation. Learn about the Ecliptic or planetary pathway, as it explained on pages 16 and following. On pages 18-19 learn how to use your hand or fist to measure degrees, based on a 360-degree circle in the sky. Get this system down and you will also understand how to measure the angle of the arm at the shoulder joint. Straight overhead is 180 degrees. Beautiful pictures of the moon, planets, meteors, comets, auroras and more.


A Nature Company Guide Skywatching is an excellent book to read about astronomy by the fireplace. It contains a lot of history as well as the science of astronomy. You can slos take this book with on a cruise or vacation in Southern Lattitudes, because numerous sky charts show views from Southern Lattitudes as well as Northern Lattitudes. In Southern Lattitudes the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) falls below the North horizon in July through February. In the middle of this period, the Big Dipper is totally buried below the horizon. Excellent explanation of the mythology behind major constellations, too.

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