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PhotoDeluxe, Adobe's entry-level, consumer-oriented image editor, includes many of the great painting and color-correcting tools common to its professional software package, Photooshop.

A broad reference on the word-processing package, explaining how to use such features as templates, wizards, and advanced editing tools. Also discusses how to create Web pages, work in collaborative situations, and integrate the word processor with other members of the Office 97 group. 1028 pages. Includes CDROM.

617 pages 3rd edition (April 1998)

Does NOT include CDROM.

Covers installing and running programs, managing folders and files, creating and printing documents, using Windows 98 accessories, using Outlook Express for email and newsgroups, and using portable computers. Also includes two reference sections, one with 101 fixes for common problems and another with keyboard shortcuts and other productivity tips. 598 pages.

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