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Machines Work, Humans Perform
About the Company


Apriori, Inc.
126 E. Wing St.
Arlington Heights, IL


Apriori, Inc. was founded to meet the need for effective communications to help prevent injuries and illnesses and improve work productivity, and promote active lifestyles.


Simply said: Apriori is all about access ...
Access to results. Access to information.
Access to knowledge. Access to health.
Access to endurance.
Access to strength.
Access to power.
Access to speed.

The APRIORI mission is to identify and overcome obstructions and to help customers and clients access their goals in work, sports and health.

The opposite of access is obstruction. To reach your goals, you must identify obstructions and either avoid or take control of the obstructions.

A list of goals is not complete without a list of potential obstructions to those goals. A plan to outplay obstructions is written and pursued.

Collision is the worst form of obstruction. The forces in a collision often result in injuries. An object can stop you dead in your tracks. Avoidance is the best solution in traffic, but it is unavoidable in boxing.

Another level of obstruction is mechanical constraint. Things are in your way: traffic, awkward equipment, bad design. Constraint causes stress and strain -- physical and mental.

Another level of obstruction is failure. -- lack of strength, failure of a part in a machine or failure of a tissue in the human body or failure to rest resulting in exhaustion. The failure stops action and obstucts the goal.

Another level of obstruction is confusion. Information overload, noise and deception cause a failure of proper senses and proper information processing. The result is human error and failure to make the right decision and failuer to take the proper action.

Another level of obstruction is depletion. Lack of nutrients, lack of material, lack of resources to take the proper action. Lack of fuel for a human being can negatively affect information processing or can cause muscular weakness. Lack of fuel for a machine or lack of electric power for a computer will stop all action.

The Human Factor

By having a plan and a strategy, individuals attain goals. If the goal is not met, a strategy that is documented is more easily re-designed for success the next time around. The most unique characteristic of being human is the ability to use intelligence and design to produce results.

Exercise-Reports.com is about understanding the human body and its physiology as it relates to work and sports performance.

Optimal performance, safety (injury prevention) and wellness (disease prevention) are the main objectives of Exercise-Reports.com.

There are free information sections on exercise physiology topics and private (subscription) areas for online journals of performance goals, milestones and other fitness logs.

Digital-lifestyle.com is about understanding and applying the human interface with technology to improve human performance and reduce human errors. The science of applying other sciences (physiology, psychology, engineering) to design and performance issues of the human interface with technological devices is known as Ergonomics or Human Factors.

A technological device (which can be software and/or hardware) should give you control, not take control away from you. Control that gives you access to your goal.

Here are some signs that a technological device is taking control of your life at your expense:

Tasks take much longer than they are estimated to take.

The information you read from the device is much more than you requested, which increases the risk of human error.

The information response from the device or the device function is not relevant to what you requested.

The information from the device allows intrusions from advertisers (spam).

The device is not secure, which causes device failure or permits gathering of your private information to a remote hostile device or human.

The device can cause injury from overuse or unsafe postures or force impacts.

Clients and customers of Apriori, Inc. are highly goal-oriented and highly interested in active, efficient and productive work and lifestyles. Business clients of Apriori, Inc. are also highly motivated to provide excellence in customer service.Apriori, Inc. also strives to promote education and career information for young students as well as prospective career-minded fitness professionals.


1985 to Present


Apriori, Inc. was founded to bring communications and control to the body in health, work, fitness and sports. The word a priori is defined as knowledge of something to be true without any prior experience. Knowledge from 'what comes before.' Skills at work and in sports are best refined when there is an understanding of physiology and the relationship of forces and informational processing of the human body in the environment. Human interface understanding is fundamental to effective and safe communications between people and between people and equipment or machines in their environment. Skills and their relationship to the structure and function of the body, senses and mind become automatic or are re-discovered for optimal performance, safety and wellness.

The precursor to Apriori, Inc. began in 1985 when Mark D. Bostrom, a paramedic turned exercise physiologist, joined a medical practice of four orthopedic surgeons to lead a project to help the physicians meet the needs of patients and citizens of involved in sportst, to understand and inform the exercising population, and to undertand trends of medical demand on an orthopedic medical practice by individuals of all age groups. The aerobics and fitness movement of the eighties was gaining momentum and maturing to emphasize technique and prevention of injuries. The physician practice was seeking to diversify to a more complete circle of services -- including physical therapy and health education -- in addition to traditional surgical and medical procedures.

In 1986, Mark D. Bostrom developed a Back School which provided physical training for individuals who suffered back injuries. The Back School was modeled after the successful training that San Francisco 49er Quarterback Joe Montana received preceding and following his back surgery. In 1988 the Back School methods were combined with physical therapy treatments and services. Preventive programs were offered to industrial, labor-intensive companies where employees moved a lot of light to heavy weight objects.

Era of New Publishing Tools Available ...
In January 1986, Apple Computer hallmarked a new era in publishing with the introduction of computers with desktop publishing capability -- basically typesetting equipment that changed the world of publishing.

Apriori, Inc. was incorporated in 1987 (incorporated May, 1987).
In 1987, Mark converted the sports medicine service into a full-fledged fitness information and publishing service -- providing newsletters and patient instruction forms for physicians, hospitals and fitness centers while still providing Personal Fitness Consulting for exercising consumers and athletes. Apriori, Inc. proactive approach to work and sports performance, using the disciplines of biomechanics, ergonomics and exercise physiology. Since a picture is worth a thousand words and new inexpensive graphics technology became available, the publishing services effectively used graphics and typesetting to get the point across. Among other works, Apriori, Inc. published Steroid Warning Booklets to high school coaches, students and parents. Over the next decade, several informative booklets, newsletters and fliers were published. Topics included Shoulder Injuries, Knee Surgery, Hip Surgery, Sports Medicine Information, Mall Walkers Newsletters, In-House Hospital Newsletters, and a Hospital MRI Quick Reference for physicians. Hypertext publishing was an anticipated technology, ready to accept a world-wide-web browser that would be invented a few years later.

In 1988 health information was reaching the news daily and brought the need to track conflicting health information. Work began toward a useful group of databases to file volumes of health, fitness and sports medicine information. Apriori, Inc. also expanded Personal Fitness Consulting to include Personal Technology Consulting. In 1989, with the information age gaining speed, Apriori, Inc. began to expand the use of microcomputers and became a member of Apple Computer's Solutions Provider Program.

The introduction of computers was supposed to lead to the paperless office and reduce workload -- freeing up time for leisure. Actually more paper was printed, and people did more work in the same amount of time. Experts argued that productivity did not improve because people spent more time learning the technology that was supposed to help them save time. Apriori, Inc. expanded to offer solutions to the technology dilemma. By providing user support and training, customers were able to focus on their profession while learning on the fly. Concurrently, computer hardware and software companies designed their products to minimize non-productive technical work by users. Apriori, Inc. was instrumental in helping clients understand what was needed in an information interface and how to promote human factors regarding the use of computers. By 1990 health problems associated with using a computer became headlines when wrist, neck and back injuries were reported as epidemic. Newspaper and data entry employees commonly claimed disability from pain in their wrists. Computer companies scrambled to design new keyboards and provide information about normal workload and how physical fitness and common sense are important for avoiding repetitive stress injuries. Apriori, Inc. continued to strive for the fitness, human factors and productivity connection by providing information to consumers, vendors and manufacturers.

In 1992, Apriori, Inc. expanded to offer fitness center management support and information design -- including databases to provide customer service information, personal trainer expert knowledge & support, a muscle & joint anatomy database and exercise equipment maintenance information. Also in 1992, Apple computer began to show a steady decline in corporate business influence. By April 1992, Microsoft introduced an improved version of Windows (3.11) to begin encroaching on the Apple Macintosh reputation as a superior Graphic User Interface/Operating System. In August 1992, Apriori, Inc. began a serious effort to support both platforms -- Macintosh and Windows -- so that communications and publishing would not be limited. The effort to attain an understanding of both platforms would soon become profitable for Apriori, Inc.1993-


In 1993 and 1994 Apriori, Inc. became heavily committed to network support, publishing, and technical support at the Citibank Center in Chicago. Apriori, Inc. accepted a large work order to help Citibank combine their Macintosh and Windows PC's over Local and Wide Area Networks. Services provided included: remote dial-in, telecommuter's home office setup, modem installation, router maintenance, notebook computer setup and training, desktop support and training, and E-Mail server maintenance.

From 1995 to 1997 while Windows 95 became widely successful as a graphical user interface, the focus of Apriori, Inc. shifted to apply the network, graphics and computer technologies to the fitness industry. The occupation of Personal Trainer started to become a household word and its mention was no longer exclusively associated with celebrities and professional athletes. Over 15 wellness centers or fitness centers have risen in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, each boasting of floor space in the area of 60,000 square feet or more. Long-time, existing fitness centers are changing their marketing and services to include wellness and health promotion (if they didn't already provide services). Older populations are also becoming a significant part of the fitness market, compared to the traditional singles-meeting-singles market. Health promotion, fitness, and wellness are becoming big business, especially as hospitals seek ways to cut medical cost and consumers seek to avoid getting sick or injured. Apriori, Inc. is poised to succeed as health promotion and information age industries develop.


Aprioriathletics.com, the blue web site, was created on August 17, 1998 to enhance human performance information available on the Internet. Aprioriathletics.com continues to serve information related to personal technology, fitness and health promotion. The a priori influence on web site design is available for physician offices, health clubs, hospital wellness centers, company wellness centers, dental offices and other health-related sites.

Arlingtoncards.com, the red web site, was created on June 19, 1999 as a local community directory for Arlington Heights, Illinois, a suburb 26 miles northwest of Chicago.

Arlingtoncards.com is designed for people who live, work and play in Arlington Heights who can benefit from local and global internet information from a single organized web site. Over 90 categories of information are presented in a table of contents form for viewer convenience. The site also has a bookstore and has Amazon products placed in context-related topic areas. Banner adverstising is also available for local businesses.

Consumer fitness sites are being developed to meet the mission of Aprioriathletics.com. Several domain names are being registered to help with image and control of information delivery. The Arlingtoncardinal.net news site was upgraded (in beta) to include breaking news in Arlington Heights. Most stories are published within two hours of incidents.

Arlingtoncards.com has continuously flourished. Individual visitors are increasing by almost 1000 visitors per month. Exercise-Reports.com introduced in beta during first quarter of 2005.

increasing number of websites and use of video publishing with YouTube. Arlington Heights news and sports columns added to Arlingtoncards.com. Continuous work on Exercise-Reports.com.

Exercise Reports logo

Exercise log, notes and information on Exercise-Reports.com.

One of the AA-ER.com web sites. See more at AA-ER.com.

a pri•or•i 1. reasoning from cause to effect   2. knowledge existing in the mind independent of experience.

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