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Welcome to the World Wide Web site of Apriori, Inc. We strengthen the interface between (1) businesses and customers and (2) athletes and their sport. We perform as a leading provider and integrator of technology training, fitness, wellness and health promotion solutions for corporations, home offices, sports teams and athletes. Our commitment to information age technology and our understanding of the human/machine interface is the reason behind our successful solutions for business, sports and home life. Our common sense solutions to customer service challenges are key to the successes of our clients. For efficiency, performance and safety enhancement at work, at play or at home, the value of human performance is of the utmost importance -- and it shows to our clients and their customers. Our efficient human/machine interface design promotes human-to-human interaction that prevents breakdowns in customer service and in-house communication. Our focus is the best way to promote teamwork.

Training, software design, human interface design, upkeep with technological developments, business/consumer news, scientific research and product research are just a few of the methods that we use to benefit our clients. We do not exclusively sell or represent third party products, so our clients are assured of complete objectivity in the selection of technological solutions. Our freedom to recommend various products and services allows for rapid response AND thorough solutions in a highly competitive and changing world. We do act as affiliates with companies, such as Amazon.com, displaying books, software and other products on the Aprioriathletics.com web site.

Our Mission

"To enhance human performance, reduce work and sport errors and improve customer service."

Our Motto

"A little success goes a long way!"

Home Page
Here is the page that welcomes visitors of Aprioriathletics.com.

Site Map
Items common to the navigational toolbar (at the bottom of most pages on the web site) are listed in the left column. Highlights and Features, such as the
Bookstore, and the Weather section, are listed in the right column. The Fitness /Technical Resources (Links) section is a big help including links to many fitness, sports, health, technical, reference and portal sites. Click here to go to the Site Map.

Center Stage
Look here for more online information services from Apriori, Inc., such as
Chicago's Weather and Seasonal Expectations for outdoor sports, the Night's Sky for the current month, and the Top 10 Sports and Fitness Tips. Click here to go to Center Stage. Informatino is rotated to provide a focus on current hot and important topics.

Our Solutions
We are proud of our projects and would like to share some examples. You can also find a list of our sources, vendors and manufacturers that we commonly use in the
Fitness /Technical Resources (Links) section. Click here for more details.

Our Satisfied Clients
What are they saying about us? Athletes, marketers, physicians, bankers, health care administrators, lawyers are among the many who have shared good words about our work.
Click here for more details.

Fitness Topics
Here you'll find the important topics in physical fitness.
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Progressive Fitness Personality Newsletter
Here's the newsletter that strengthens the business-customer or coach-athlete interface while encouraging enriched lifestyles and health promotion among employees, athletes or customers. The newsletter is customized with your own title and can be oriented to employees, your customers or your athletes.
Click here for more details. The newsletter is available in print or online versions.

Company Profile
Here's the when, where, why and how of Apriori, Inc.
Click here and you'll find just what Apriori, Inc. stands for anyway.

Contact Information
Our important addresses and telephone numbers.

Help (Back Stage Stuff)
Technical Issues about using this web site are included here. How do we do it? We integrate ergonomics and technology, putting human factors number one. Technical training, memory training, and physical conditioning are among our basic tools we choose to enhance human performance, reduce human errors and improve customer service and communications. Just what kind of people work with us? Here you'll find employment and subcontracting information.
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Here's a list of our buzz words. We believe in open communications, so that the relationship with our clients grows as a two-way learning experience.
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A question and answer area about fitness, technology and ergonomics. Here's a chance to ask your questions. You'll also have access to a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about technology, human interface, customer service, fitness, wellness and health promotion.
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About the Author
Just some
personal notes and the resume , dossier (whatever you want to call it) on the web site author and president, Mark D. Bostrom.

We don't have all the answers. We are not medical professionals, but we are pro-active in health promotion. Be sure to see a physician for your health matters and preventive medical advice.
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For more information, please contact:

Mark D. Bostrom, President
Apriori, Inc.
126 East Wing Street #220
Arlington Heights, IL 60004.
Telephone: (847) 253-2856

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click here to send questions or comments to "APRIORI@aol.com"



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