Fitness Information Services Network

Internet/Intranet Design and Content Management
for the Medical-Fitness Industry

Fitness, Wellness & Health Promotion

Corporate Health/Fitness Information

Aprioriathletics.com Fitness Information Services Network provides web-based and local application services for health and fitness center staff and members. The Fitness Information Services Network is a separate information network from the business information network (accounting and membership database). The Fitness Information Services Network is designed to promote information access for customers that enhances the everyday business services of a fitness center or wellness center. Customers notice the access to excellence that adds true value to health and fitness centers resulting from the efficiency of staff access to customer service information.

The Fitness Information Services Network can coordinate partnerships with national and local retailers, e-commerce providers, information portals, equipment manufacturers, local health organizations, health care providers, Internet Service Providers and more.

Internet/Intranet Services:

  • Evaluation/Consultation on the use of technology for daily operations of fitness centers to track patient or client outcomes, help clinicians and personal trainers follow scientific protocols, standardize services, acquire continuing education, and improve customer service.

  • General Contracting for Electronic Commerce -- encompasses connectivity options for networking, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), electronic forms processing, and web page usage for intranet- and internet-based solutions.

  • Enhanced communications within and between fitness centers with standardization and forms management, including conversion of paper forms to pdf forms.

  • Web site content design to assist outward communications to prospects, public relations and communications for current members (e.g., online brochures, class schedules, fees, special events).

  • Web Authoring for Health, Fitness & Wellness Content Delivery.

  • Personalized Fitness-Related Research & News Service (Internet Search, News Services, National Library of Medicine). Extra fees may apply for your subscription to third party services.

Other Fitness, Wellness & Health Promotion Services:

  • One-to-One Personal Training

  • Home Gym Design & Management

  • Luxury Home Gym with Information & Internet Center (includes kiosk style Info Center)

  • Customer Service/Information Centers for Fitness or Wellness Centers

  • Sports, Fitness, Wellness & Health Promotions for Luncheons, Schools, Health Fairs, etc.

  • Fitness-Related Research & News Service (Internet Search, News Services, National Library of Medicine)

  • Seminars/Train the Trainers Programs (continuing education provider for Fitness Professionals)

  • Public Speaking for fitness consumers

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